Through technology partnership with Hakudo, Sunghwa Fine Chem introduces and applies excellent advanced technologies to Korea.
Distilled towers, heaters, heat exchangers corrosion and anti-pollution agents, process antifoaming agent, etc ensures stable, high-efficiency operation of the essential oil/petrochemical process.

Chemical for Refinery process and Petrochemical processes

Chemical for Refinery process and Petrochemical processes

1. Polymer inhibitor

High content Radical Stopper

Polymer inhibitor by the Most Robust Radical Removal Function in Current Technology Low toxicity compared to conventional Inhibitors. Normal chemical but strong anti-polymerization function
SPN Series

Blended Inhibitor

Polymer Inhibitor developed for specific processes such as Isoprene/Butadien/De-Propanizer with Radical Stopper and Antioxidant or Corrosion Inhibitor (Filmer) as the main ingredient
PS-7010 / AF-300 Series

2. Anti-oxidant

Blended Anti-Oxidant

Inhibitor that prevents polymer formation by anti-oxidant function based on non-toxic and general chemicals.
Application as Polymerization inhibitor during semi-finished process and product transfer process HAKUTOL AF Series

3. Corrosion inhibitor

Corrosion Inhibitor of Filmer type that prevents corrosion of equipment due to the influence of acid gas such as Reaction Column / Distillation Column Overhead by maintaining a minimum concentration.

4. Defoamer

High concentration silicon-based defoamer (For Oil Processing)

FOAMCLEAN / DF-100 Series

(Non-Silicon and others)

DF-200 Series

5. Demulsifier

Provides stable effect of oil separation process in oil/water emulsion polymerization process or refinnery process It is divided into Hydrocarbons below C10 and Heavy Hydrocarbons of heavy oil system.

6. Other Chemical

Sleep Agent

Chemicals developed to improve workability by improving problems such as mud during the conveying process of pelletizing products in the manufacturing process of resin. Improves attachment problems and transportability of pellet products by maintaining only small concentrations

Special Point Chemical

Chemical for mining process
∨TAR inhibitor for monomer manufacturing process
∨Scale chemical cleaners : CA series
∨Tar Stackifier: Strengthening the liquidity of tar/Paint and heavy oil. FL series