Cooling water chemical

1. For forming base film(ADLEX C,P Series)

Anti-corrosion system for basic input after operation of new plant or S/D

2. Chemical Flushing Drugs(ADLEX CA Series)

Corrosion inhibitor as a one-component cleaning agent based on a special surfactant that removes various foreign substances and oils existing in the equipment and piping of the new cooling water treatment facility

3. Corrosion Inhibitor(ADLEX P Series)

Corrosion inhibitor for various industrial cooling water facilities

4. Scale Inhibitor(ADLEX DP Series)

Scale protection of general petrochemical coolant system, as well as excellent scale prevention effects on various collection water systems such as steel furnace, electric furnace and sintering, direct coolant system and slag coolant system of logos.

5. Corrosion & Scale Inhibitor(ADLEX CS Series)

Non-metal type corrosion and scale inhibitor consisting of organic phosphate, Azole compound, and Polymeric dispersant, showing a comprehensive and powerful effect.

6. Corrosion Support agent(ADLEX ZA Series)

Increase in effect when combined with phosphate corrosion inhibitor as a method aid (inflammatory and molybdenum)

7. Closed Corrosion Inhibitor(ADLEX C Series)

Corrosion prevention of sealed cooling water system equipment or piping such as freezer, bearing cooling, mold cooling, etc. Prevent corrosion of CaCl2 Brine-based equipment or piping

8. Bio Control(ADLEX CB Series)

Activator for microbial sterilization to prevent slime disorder and deposit of sludge