Wastewater treatment and environment Chemical

1. Nonionic polymer flocculant(ADLEX NP, EN Series)

Effective in the overall treatment of acidic to neutral regions. Water Treatment and Paper Pulp, Dyeing, Sedimentation, Flotation and Dehydration Treatment of Steel and Metal Wastewater

2. Anionic polymer flocculant(ADLEX AP, EA Series)

Polymer flocculant for flocculation of waste water to facilitate separation by flocculating colloids or particulates suspended in water

3. Cationic polymer flocculant(ADLEX CP, EC Series)

Polymer flocculant for flocculation of wastewater that facilitates separation by flocculating colloids or particulates suspended in sludge (used mainly as a dehydrating agent)

4. Inorganic coagulant(ADLEX WAC-100 Series)

Basic floc forming agent for water and sewage treatment, industrial water treatment, factory waste water, etc.

5.Organic Coagulant(ADLEX WAV-170 Series)

No basic pH adjustment and basic floc forming agent that can significantly reduce the amount of sludge

6. Microbial spawn and activity accelerator(ADLEX BA Series)

Active sludge nutrients in general wastewater treatment plants and formulation wastewater treatment plants

7. Antifoam(ADLEX DF Series)

Defoaming for various foam generation and wastewater

8. Chromaticity remover(ADLEX WAV Series)

Chromaticity remover for wastewater

9. COD lowering agen(ADLEX WAV Series)

Chemicals with excellent effects on COD removal

10. Fly ash treatment agent(ADLEX ASH Series)

heavy metal fixation agent in incineration ash

11. Heavy metal treatment agent(ADLEX MR Series)

Removal of heavy metals in various industries such as steel

12. Fluoride treatment agent(ADLEX  FR Series)

Efficient removal of fluoride

13. Paint Booth treatment agen (ADLEX PK Series)

Prevention of adhesion of excess paint and solidification of sludge in spray painting process of automobiles, etc.

14. ETC

pH adjuster, deodorant, etc.